Heating Installation - Daikin unitWhether you’re looking to upgrade or install a heating system to handle the temperature control requirements of your residential or commercial space, there are countless choices to make.  Each one impacts your ongoing comfort, costs, and satisfaction with the equipment.  You want to get everything exactly right.  That’s where our level of dedication proves invaluable.  Drawing from practical background, technical training, and experiences as home and business owners, the team from Advanced Heating and Air guides you through each step of the process, making sure you take maximum advantage of every opportunity.  From sizing and implementation, to warranty registration, ongoing maintenance, and proper operation of the system, we provide knowledgeable service, information, and support.  There’s a reason our customers throughout Amarillo, TX continue to recommend us to their friends, families, and neighbors.  For greater value from your investment, year after year, choose Advanced Heating and Air for your HVAC installation.

Superior products for every heating installation!

At Advanced Heating and Air, we recognize that greater efficiency equals greater cost savings.  By specializing in Daikin brand products, and providing accurate sizing and installation, we save you money on your heating and cooling bills.  Our NATE-certified technicians custom design a system that meets your specific requirements for style and size of space, number of occupants, budget concerns, and comfort expectations.  Through a diverse range of options, including heat pumps, furnaces, gas/electric systems, ductless units, and geothermal units, we provide the perfect fit for ongoing satisfaction.  Our heating specialists are happy to explain the advantages of different styles and types of heaters, make recommendations, and deliver a plan you’re comfortable with.  Through organized project management we avoid delays, errors, and aggravation.  Our goal is to keep it simple, and therefore rewarding.

Leave your next heating installation project to the professionals at Advanced Heating and Air!

Family owned, we understand that your temperature control needs are constantly evolving.  For both residential and commercial application, your heating and cooling system must answer your current demands, as well as your long term goals.  Energy saving measures, renovation, occupancy, and many other factors impact the heat gain/heat loss of your space.  You certainly don’t want to invest in a system, and find that after a few years it no longer suits your requirements.  To ensure that your HVAC system answers to you, and not the other way around,Advanced Heating and Air designs a solution that will continue to meet your expectations throughout its service life.  To enhance overall performance, we offer quick and accurate installation of WiFi thermostats.  These advanced controls allow you greater flexibility, significant cost savings, and unmatched convenience.  Accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, user-friendly and communicating, a WiFi thermostat will quickly pay for itself, while simplifying your everyday life.  We also suggest and provide HVAC system safety switches for your complete peace of mind.  Contact Advanced Heating and Air for total comfort solutions in The Greater Amarillo Area, and take advantage of our commitment to your satisfaction.